The province of Misiones, in Argentina, wants to generate a „green“ crypto currency, that is, one that is linked to environmental issues

The province of Misiones, in Argentina, wants to generate a „green“ crypto currency, that is, one that is linked to environmental issues. This is what La Política Online reported on October 9.

In a video conference chaired by Misiones province governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad, with the participation of the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development Juan Cabandié and municipal mayors, Patricio Lombardi, Secretary of Climate Change, among others, was introduced.

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In the context of this appointment, the article in La Política Online highlighted: „The clean air generated by Misiones will be translated into a crypto currency that will generate dividends for the indispensable role it plays for the well-being of the world“.

The aforementioned article indicated that a request will also be presented to Argentina’s Economy Minister, Martín Guzmán, and President Alberto Fernández, to grant a tax break to all existing oil companies that operate by buying green bonds.

The publication also pointed out that green assets already exist in the world’s stock exchanges and that Misiones expects to have such an accounting. It is supposed to certify against the greenhouse effect because they are a „country’s decontamination plant“.

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All this is being planned considering that Misiones has a large percentage of Argentina’s biodiversity. „Its ecosystem allows it to generate clean air, which is essential to mitigate climate change. Today, its brand new secretariat is taking on a new challenge: green accounting. This means translating into bonuses the benefit of being able to breathe healthy. The goal will be met by taxing oil companies for the damage they cause to the environment,“ La Política Online reported.

„Misiones plays a key role due to its great forest heritage. Having 55% of its surface composed of native forests contributes to the world with the generation of oxygen and also generates a friendly ecosystem for the inhabitants of the province that in itself does not generate propensity to respiratory diseases or vulnerability. Not in vain is it considered by law 27,494 as the National Capital of Biodiversity, since it houses more than half of the biodiversity that represents all of Argentina. The existence of the continuous block of the Paranaense Forest makes it the last remaining part of the Atlantic Forest ecoregion in South America, which it shares with Brazil and Paraguay,“ they later specified.

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In this scenario, they are considering as a key policy the measurement of the tons of oxygen sent to the atmosphere.